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Disable an event observer defined by default in Magento

Another simple trick. This time we will see how to disable a default event observer. This can be useful if you want to prevent a method to be executed when Mage::dispatchEvent() is called, or simply if you want to define the behavior you want by writing your own observer.

Magento: CMS pages in a tree structure

A recurring request on Magento projects is to manage content pages in a tree structure. Indeed, some “flat pages” are not very annoying but when we reached a few dozen pages, it may be useful to organize the pages in a hierarchical way to navigate more easily. This is where the extension Clever CMS (developed by […]

PHPCloud: Overview and installation

During the PHPTour of Lille (France) organized by AFUP, a particularly interesting session was the presentation (and demo) of PHPCloud by Zeev Suraski, no less! Could not be present on site in Lille, Zeev has honored us with his presence via video conference, from Israel. His lecture was divided into two parts: presentation of the business […]