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Magento speed with PHP 7

Magento performance is a recurrent problem for all developers and store owners. But PHP 7 has been released and you should think about using it, benchmark is amazing!

A powerful launcher for Magento admin panel

If you are tired to waste your time finding a Magento configuration or clicking 3 times to clear a specific cache, this is the module you were waiting for. It allows you to access a menu entry or a configuration field quickly, and to perform common tasks easily via a keystroke launcher directly inspired by […]

Magento: A module to force static files reloading

Have you ever had a client telling you he does not see the latest changes you have just deployed on his website? And you answer him to clear his browser cache? Well here is a Magento module that allows you to force static files reloading in the end-user’s browser, thanks to a variable that will […]