Magento: Disable flat catalog on the fly

A tip to disable flat tables on the fly in your Magento scripts.

This is sometimes useful to disable flat tables when you want to use EAV tables directly.



5 Responses to “Magento: Disable flat catalog on the fly”

  1. Phil says:

    What’s the benefits of disabling the flat catalog on the fly?

    • Johann Reinke says:

      Not all attributes are included in flat tables. You may need to filter on an attribute that is not included.
      This also ensures that you are using the real attribute values since flat tables are indexed and may include obsolete data.

  2. bob says:

    This has been very useful as our users need to view products in their digital libraries that are no longer enabled.

  3. Joey Gomes says:

    I cannor get it to work. Even with this workaround my collection counts 0 products. When I enable the flat catalog again, the collection contains 750 products. Any ideas? This is exactly what I need though.

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